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Dental Radiography

 About 2/3 of the structure of dogs' and cat's teeth lies below the gum line, invisible to the unaided eye. With the use of dental radiography we are able to get information about the soft tissue and bone surrounding the tooth, the interior (pulp, dentin) of the tooth and the supportive structures. Dental radiography also allows us to identify tumors, fractures, bone and pulp disease and resorptive lesions

Dental radiography is commonly used to evaluate:

  • Mandibular/maxillary soft or hard tissue instability, swelling, or asymmetry
  • Intra- or extraoral draining tracts
  • Teeth with exposed pulp or roots
  • Injured teeth
  • Supernumerary (extra) teeth
  • Malformed or missing teeth
  • Before and after tooth extractions
  • Nasal or oral tumors
  • Discolored teeth
  • Areas that have advanced periodontal disease
  • Diseases affecting the mouth
  • Even small lesions occurring in other areas like paws, carpal joints, nasal passages, bird wings, etc.


 The cost of a dental x-ray varies, depending on how many the doctor needs to take for an accurate diagnosis, but the general range is from $38 for a single film to $125 for a complete survey of a large canine's mouth.

Some Examples of Dental Radiography:


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