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Digital Radiography

Ruckersville Animal Hospital is proud (and excited) to announce that we offer digital radiography! Why the hype? Here are a few reasons:

Digital radiography offers the following over conventional radiography:

  • Less exposure to radiation, making it safer for both your four-pawed loved ones and our staff
  • Fewer retakes needed; also resulting in less exposure to radiation
  • Eliminated need for extra storage, as the films are stored digitally
  • Improved diagnostic capacity, as the images can be adjusted on-screen to better view various internal structures
  • Facilitated and more rapid specialist review, as the images can be sent via e-mail
  • Safer for the environment! No more harsh processing chemicals! :)
  • Copies can be easily made and sent home on a DVD if needed for specialist review or second opinions

 Our X-Ray Machine--> xray_machine.jpg
 Our Digital X-Ray Processor--> digital_processor.jpg

Sign up using the form or call 434-985-7924 to make your appointment.

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